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Making a positive impact on the world around us

In Australia, we’re partnering with the SolarBuddy program. The aim of the program is to gift 6 million solar lights to children living in energy poverty by 2030, to help them study after dusk and improve their safety and education outcomes.

Michael Pyliotis, VP APAC Basware, explains why we’re supporting this program “at Basware we take our commitment to be a responsible employer seriously.  It is important to our employees that together we can proactively make a positive impact on the world around us and improve other’s lives.  This is something we are proud of.” 

Gift to a child

To support the program, 20 Baswareans in Sydney attended a workshop in July. They learnt about energy poverty, renewable energy, and global citizenship, and they had the chance to do something very special. Each Baswarean made a solar light to gift to a child, accompanied by a personal handwritten letter to their buddy. Anneke Van Vuuren, Senior HR Manager APAC Basware, describes the decision to set this workshop up for Baswareans as “very easy to make.” Adding that “the ability to make a difference for children and communities with a solution that is renewable, well-designed and actually quite simple for the immense impact it has, was a standout with our employees. It aligns well with our desire to have a positive impact in the broader community.”

The impact

Tracey McSullea, Senior Market Activation Manager APAC Basware, on having the chance to do her bit, “I was so grateful to be part of Basware Sydney’s SolarBuddy event. We made 25 lights today which will impact the lives of 125 people living in energy poverty. These 25 lights will help improve their education, health, environment and economic situations in the following ways:

  • Education: Over 54,750 extra study hours annually, maximising impact through education.
  • Health: Positive health impact improves children’s long-term future in the workforce.
  • Environment: Offset over 3875 CO2e kgs emissions the equivalent of planting over 65 trees.
  • Economic: 80% reduction in kerosene expenditure and helping families with their finances.”

A valuable learning experience

Those that attended the workshop found it a valuable learning experience because, in the words of Anneke “the topic of energy poverty was new to many of us. The negative effect of using kerosene for lighting was quite shocking.”

For Jo Wang, P2P Solution Consultant Basware, it brought home how much we all take for granted by having daily access to a reliable and safe energy supply and the inconvenience of losing it for a short period. “Before joining this event, I was largely unaware that there are still people without access to sustainable modern energy. I can’t comprehend how hard this must be. Great things start from small beginnings.”

Uniting a global community

Small beginnings do lead to great things and Billie Murphy, GM SolarBuddy, adds that as an impact organization SolarBuddy nurtures these small beginnings “by uniting a global community committed to creating a more sustainable future for all people and our beautiful life-supporting planet and we’ve been doing it with the gift of light.”  We are proud to be part of it.

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