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Finding what works for you

Meet Tiina Mäenpää, Manager, Professional Services

For Tiina, a manager in our Professional Services department, managing family commitments is an important consideration in her career plan, “before you have children, you are just responsible for yourself and making career decisions is easier. When you have family commitments you need to find the right balance, one that works for you. Thanks to Basware’s hybrid working model, I can do that. My job involves travel, but I can organize it in such a way that allows me to have a good work-life balance.”

Tiina’s career journey began in the hospitality sector, “while I was studying for my degree I worked as a receptionist, when I got my degree, I moved to the IT profession but still within the hospitality sector.”

Think about what motivates you

Tiina is driven by a desire to make a difference and challenge herself, “it is very difficult when you’re younger to work out what you want to be so it’s important to think about what motivates you, what do you enjoy and difficult experiences shouldn’t stop you moving ahead in your career, instead they can be an opportunity to learn and motivate you to the next level.” Adding, “it is important that I’m able to make a difference.  And at Basware, I’m trusted to act independently, to make decisions and take responsibility for them.  And support is there if I need it.”

People that are different

Tiina describes herself as a people person, “I enjoy working with different kinds of people.  I can learn from them, it’s important to work with people that are different to you, they challenge you to think differently to try new things and new ideas are generated.  It leads to greater innovation and opportunities to learn. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy working at Basware.  There’s a diversity of people and thinking and it really inspires you.”

Building trust

Another thing about Basware that Tiina likes is that “there’s a strong emphasis and support framework for career growth at Basware. It’s not something I’ve experienced anywhere else.”  And the responsibilities of line management are taken seriously, “there’s a big focus on building trust between managers and their team members – which I think is a vital part of making sure we achieve what we need to.  There’s a variety of leadership training sessions throughout the year as well as numerous events for managers and their teams to exchange ideas and experiences.  This helps make sure we all know where we are, and we know to keep improving and evolving within our roles.”

Enjoy the moment

When it comes to mapping out your career, Tiina points out that “while it is important to have some focus, but you don’t need a plan all the time, sometimes it’s OK to just enjoy the moment and see where it takes you and use your experiences to grow into roles.” The important thing is to remember that “you’re the only person that can make the change and you’re the only person that knows what makes you happy and what motivates you.”  Adding “don’t copy others, think about what you want, be true to your own motivations.  Being your own personal motivator at work is a big part of life.”

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