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Solution Value Consulting

The Solution Value Consulting team plays a pivotal role within the Basware Sales organisation. The key knowledge areas are structured around Value Advisory, Technical Advisory, and Solution leadership which are all underpinned by our Operations team.

Value Advisory focuses on the Value frameworks of Basware and works with Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to lead, drive, and enable the organisation as well as supporting strategic sales opportunities. Technical Advisory focuses on the interoperability, integration, and compliance of Basware with a customer’s landscape and needs while the Solution Value Consultants work closely with sales to understand the customers’ needs, prioritise, define solutions and articulate value. The Operations team support the wider team from a demonstration engineering and bid management perspective.

Each team has a specific focus but work collaboratively as a global unit, centred around common processes and frameworks to ensure best practices are shared. Learning is central to personal progression and our growth mindset.